What is Kill Log 6

What is the difference betweel log 3,4,5 and kill log 6?

In terms of infection control, ‘Log Reductions’ convey how effective a product is at reducing pathogens. The greater the log reduction the more effective the product is at killing bacteria and other pathogens  that can cause infections. 

99.9% in NOT GOOD ENOUGH design

Products require a log reduction of 6+ (99.9999%) to virtually eradicate viral pathogens during the sanitation phase to be effective. This maximizes ROI and reduction of transmission vectors. 

What does this mean to me?

Is a disinfection method that results in a Kill 3-Log or 99.9% effective kill rate of Covid-19 the right solution? NO. The example provided still leaves 1,000 living microorganisms of the Corona Virus AFTER the sanitation. A log reduction of 3 DOES NOT kill all the viruses and would not be the most effective disinfection method to recommend. 99.9% (3-Log) is not good enough; the risk for infection remains too great.

What is the answer?

“Disinfection, a cleaning process, whether chemical or ultraviolet, must attain at least a 6-Log reduction of specific organisms, in a certain amount of time. Sterilization means a kill of at least 6+ Log organisms, while leaving no growth or viable survivors. The Pure Defense 5 step protocol achieves a 6+ log kill rate.” Dr. Allen Okie, MD, FACAI, FAAP 

Next Generation Air Filtration. MERV MERV-12 to MERV-16 solutions for all!

With efficiencies as high as 99.9998% , these containment filters remove sub-micron particles the size of known viruses and bacteria allowing NIOSH N-99 Filtration without the need for HVAC system retrofit.

Disinfection Protocol

“Disinfection, a cleaning process, whether chemical or ultraviolet, must attain at least a 6-Log reduction of specific organisms, in a certain amount of time. Sterilization means a kill of at least 6+ Log organisms, while leaving no growth or viable survivors. The Pure Defense System achieves a 6+”

Dr. Allen Okie, MD, FACAI, FAAP 

Colony Formation Units

“If you are looking at a sample size of 1,000,000 CFU’s (Colony Formation Units) of a deadly pathogen, not only is a disinfection method based on a 99.9% effective kill rate, or Log 3 Reduction inadequate, the remaining 1,000 living microorganisms that survived that particular disinfection process are the strongest of the group; meaning the risk of rapid re-growth, and/or mutation into an equally or greater deadly superbug is much greater” 

Dr. Barry Lachman, MD


Rapid treatment high-level disinfection that provides complete kill with no growth of all viruses, bacterias’, molds, spores and fungi first time, every time with 99.9999%. 100% food grade, Non-Toxic, organic, cold sterilant solution that kills pathogens like corona virus. Ultrasonic, sub-micron aerosol ensures 100% coverage rate and complete coverage accuracy. Multi-stage or multi-layered disinfection system is most effective solution to kill and protect against corona virus and all other deadly pathogens. Residue free process in only 55 minutes.

Mitigate (up to MERV-16)

HEPA filtration without any need for construction 99.9998% @.1 mic

This is a true breakthrough in air filtration available for low-flow residential and light commercial HVAC systems due to its extremely low resistance.

Sub-micron air filtration system that removes sub-micron particles the size of known viruses and bacteria from the air. Electrostatic trap captures sub-micron particles that contribute to viral outbreaks , colds, flu, allergies, and asthma caused by mold. Low static pressure from high efficiency innovative design. Viral protect air-filtration system has efficiencies higher than HEPA, 99.99980% @ 0.1 micron capture.

GSA Schedule under SIN 333415HVAC

Protect  (NanoSpikes)

Pure Defense applies a molecular coating creating an inhospitable surface where germs are mechanically killed by nanospikes. Antimicrobial technology that is water based providing persistent and continuous protection of surfaces providing long term protective layer on surfaces that is 99.999% effective.


Entryway and Equipment Sanitation reduce transmission vectors, various solutions must be employed to combat movement of viral particles. This includes entry and exit point sanitation, hard and soft surface disinfection, surface protection to inhibit transmission, long term hand sanitation and the filtration and capture of viral particles in aerosolized form in the air. 


Hydrating Hand Sanitizer up to 6 hours of protection- Foaming Dispenser Bottle~~6hrs of protection on hands from germs~~Aloe infused~~Smooths Hands – Softens Skin

This approach in conjunction with CDC recommended methodologies using PPE, social distancing, and monitoring offers the best possibility of positive outcomes.

Fully Decontaminate N95

Independent Studies Prove Pure Defense Can  Fully Decontaminate N95 Masks 

Independent Studies Prove Altapure Can Fully Decontaminate N95 Masks

Technology for todays enviroment

Extensive experience in areas of aerospace, biology, electronics, product design, military products, and medical devices. They also have degrees in, biology, packaging engineering, product design, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, as well as various areas of business.


Non-Corrosive: safe for all electronics


Automated Process: tablet control with data reports

Staff Approved

Residue Free


Completely Biodegradable / Ends Green

Industries we serve


To ensure that your patients are receiving the best treatment, care, and outcome in your surgical rooms, beds, and critical areas.


High level disinfect areas such as: process tubing, piping, process vessels, and packaging lines.



The effective cleaning and disinfection of pharmaceutical- & biotech-grade equipment and critical surfaces


Food Grade System and suppliers are able to leverage the Pure Defense technology as it is GREEN and Eco Friendly as well as FOOD SAFE!


The effective cleaning and disinfection of publically funded housing.


Professional Services include on-site full service tech as needed for common area sanitization and resident turnover.


We believe we can work along-side governmental agencies and help keep all government zones, especially those designed for HIGH TRAFFIC PUBLIC USE “LOW RISK” with the use of Pure Defense routinely.


Cost Containment for Medicare Payors and insurance companies

Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

Visit our Operation Pure Heroes page

UV Light Scam – Xenex UV Light Fails Hospital Biological Test

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