99.9% is not enough says Dr. Okie & Dr. Lachman

“Disinfection, a cleaning process, whether chemical or ultraviolet, must attain at least a 6-Log reduction of specific organisms, in a certain amount of time. Sterilization means a kill of at least 6+ Log organisms, while leaving no growth or viable survivors. The Pure Defense System achieves a 6+” — Dr. Allen Okie, MD, FACAI, FAAP 

“If you are looking at a sample size of 1,000,000 CFU’s (Colony Formation Units) of a deadly pathogen, not only is a disinfection method based on a 99.9% effective kill rate, or Log 3 Reduction inadequate, the remaining 1,000 living microorganisms that survived that particular disinfection process are the strongest of the group; meaning the risk of rapid re-growth, and/or mutation into an equally or greater deadly superbug is much greater”  Dr. Barry Lachman, MD

the answer for KILL LOG 6?


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